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Complaint: I had brought my 1981 Honda CB750 in to Zinosville motorcycle for some electrical repair work. 2 days and $250.00 later I got the bike back (I didn’t think that was too bad at the time). A week later the same problem occured and the bike was returned to Zinosville motorcycle at which time the owner told me that it would be a couple extra day because of a “rush of bussness”” and at the time I was ok with that. After about a week and a half I started calling to find out the stats of the bike. One excuse after another ranging from personal problems to child custody issues were given to me. One time when called I was told “”are you the fu**er that keeps call me about the same bike??????”” and hung up on me. After two month (that’s right 2 months) I got a bike back that was fixed with used parts and till this very day does not work. Brian Indianapolis

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Address: IndianaU.S.A.”


Phone: 10656 Andrade Dr Zionsville, Indiana U.S.A.

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