Zeyla Fashion Massachusetts Review


They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pushing the same s***** “ads”” made in Microsoft Paint and that should have been my first clue. Their website pushes you to give an email address and then promises 100% free earrings but they’re not FREE you have to pay $5 in shipping for something that weighs a few ounces. That $5 actually covers the $2 real shipping cost PLUS the cost of the real cost of the earrings and actually earns the compnay money. How? The company busy their earrings in bulk from China for pennies each and then resells them here. With the cost of acquiring their products so low

the compnay can nearly give away their products and still make a slim profit. That’s not what I’m mad about. How good quality-wise do you think penny earrings are? Yeah… They broke the first time I wore them but not before turning my skin green. The email address you give them expect it to get spammed with those same s***** homemade ads. S***** Ads S***** Hidden Cost S***** Product S***** Email Spam Zeyla is s*****the whole way around.”

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By Ronald

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