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Complaint: Dear sir/madamMy name is NG MAN YAN,16 jan 2015 I were purchase two pairs of AIR JORDAN RETRO 11s LEGEND BLUE WHITE shoes in online27 jan 2015Hong Kong post office of online show about my parcel address is incorrecti send e-mail to about what wrong with my address?and request they information about sender and my order receipt,just want to show with post office of HONG KONG and reclaim my parcel,but they reject my request and just said give me a letter with his company letterhead,but he did not.Hong Kong post office e-mail to me about my parcel,they will send back the parcel to U.S on 10 may 2015 i check by myself,my parcel arrived at U.S on 27 june 2015 already,but said they do not have receiver the parcel.and i asked what can he do for me? i pay HKD $5249.53 but i canu2019t get my order and finally get nothing.11 sep 2015I send e-mail to and to leave a message on his Instagram about my case,because they lost my parcel and donu2019t pay me back my reply they will do favor and when the AJ 72-10 Retro 11s release on December,they will ship me the size i bought instead of those in December.27 dec 2015 e-mail me about the shoes have no size i need,just can do another size.I reply and asked how about Adult 9.5? if not just pay me back my money because they waste my time,i wait the order almost one year.They reply me i just can have size what his offer or nothing.and i waste his time and shipping money.I have trouble putting up with his rude manner,i send the e-mail and to leave a message on instagram about my block my ig account and delete my message on instagram,and never reply my to be missing.19 jan 2016 i were open the complaint fils on BBB(Better Business Bureau)24 jan 2016 i have to receive the e-mail from This is the details of the e-mail from Zadehkicks.comHI, You can close the issue with BBB of which we can ship the shoes we agreed to send in the first place (as we had them and still do set aside) before you went behind our back and began slandering us on iG (as we replied to all emails prior) or if not we will reply to BBB and go through that matter with how you caused this issue sadly by not getting shoes, losing two of our shoes, then we said and did as we said, but you got mad when you asked for different sizes than YOU purchased. You came at us when we said we would ship the two pairs (and wanted different sizes of which were not what you originally ordered which is the crazy part). If not closed by mid next week we will go through the BB route and begin showing the documentation of how we did everything we said we did and you as a buyer began harassing us publicly for no reason. thanks This is the details about what were i slandering on his IGI don’t understand why i have to bear your impolite treatment. I were in 16th jan 2015 in your online purchase two pairs of AIR JORDAN RETRO 11s LEGEND BLUE WHITEThe Post Office of HONG KONG said the parcel address is incorrect,asked me to show the sender information in order to reclaim the parcel,i want to communicate with you by e-mail,but they reject my request.I just wait for the post office send the parcel back to the United States,then i pay the postage they return the parcel to me.Unfortunately,i have wait a long long time,and finally you lost my parcel.HKD $5249.53 to buy 2 pairs of shoes, and finally get nothing.11th sept 2015 you said you will send me 72-10s Retro 11s when release in December5th dec 2015 remind you by e-mail,you reply please e-mail they on 19th dec 201519th dec 2015 send mail to you again22th dec 2015 you asked me what size trying to geti reply Adult 10 and Kids 7Today you tell me i canu2019t get me size,you just put Adult 10.5 and Kids 6.5 to meiu2019m so disappointed for your company because i had to try to buy me size in your onlinei donu2019t know why i canu2019t get what i want?i just asked did you pay back my money?i feel they wasted my time because i still waiting 2 pairs of shoes almost 1 yearyou reply i wasted they time and ship moneyi donu2019t understand what is your ship money?i want to say that shipping was my first purchase to pay,you did not wasted anything. 11 feb 2016BBB to express my complaint has been closed without response from the did not reply to BBB about my complaint This is the details from BBB messageDear Man Yan Ng :This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 1/19/2016 against Zadehkicks. Your complaint was assigned ID 11092744.BBB is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which promotes business self-regulation. Although BBB encourages a company to respond to a complaint we bring to its attention, we can not require it to do so.BBB contacted the above referenced company on multiple occasions regarding your complaint. To date, we have not received a reply; therefore, BBB is obligated to close your complaint as a “no response

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Address: “” which will be reported to the public for the next three years.If the company responded to you directly due to BBB intervention

Website: We also suggest you consider pursuing legal means.BBB regrets that we were unable to assist you further and wishes you the best in your future efforts in resolving this matter.Sincerely

Phone: we ask that you notify us immediately so we may record an accurate disposition of your case. In the event your complaint remains unaddressed

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