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Complaint: Zachary J Markham is the most pompous, arrogant, condescending attorney that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. And I have dealt with a lot of attorneys in the last decade through my job, US immigration, divorce and child custody issues. This guy should be barred from practicing law. Once Zack got the second and final payment from me up front for his services, his attitude and demeanor towards me did a 180 degree turn and he became a collasal a****** to deal with. And that was just the beginning. To step back a bit here, I had hired Gary Kazragis – another shining example of lawyer puke – out of Sedona to help me through a divorce and child custody battle. I thought he had helped me get primary custody of my 4 kids, but it turned out it really wasn’t his doing at all. He really did NOTHING, and is now barred from practicing law in AZ for doing the same – nothing – and ripping off so very many of his clients at the same time (which I didn’t know about until later). Anyway, other than getting me primary custody of my kids, Kazragis left me in a huge mess. I felt I was forced to file a series of motions on my own. So I did. This all has a lot to do with another lawyer puke – Judge Michael Bluff. Judge Bluff ordered me to have primary custody of all 4 of my teenage children – which was the right decision over my adulterous, lying, spending machine, religous hypocrit X-wife. But Bluff did it because the kids requested it. He really wanted to give them to her largely because of the poor showing that my lawyers had on my behalf prior to Kazragis (Justin Vaughn – more lawyer puke and the slickest rip-off artist of them all – started this off for me). So, to make things “fair””

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Address: Bluff took it upon himself to completely ignore the AZ child support guidelines and drop my X’s child support to $0. YES

Website: which were specifically set up to counteract dead-beat parents

Phone: you heard it. Thats $0 per month child support payments for 4 teenage children when she was making $42+ as a medical professional. Yes

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