Yoyi Joehandley Rodriguez – McAllen, Texas Texas


She’s married with 3 kids. She says she’s single but she is not. She is part of RGV pullers McAllen, TX. She has tattoos all over body. She has one right above her vagina. She says she’s busy but she has a family. She doesn’t like taking off her t shirt because she lost all this weight. She won’t let you see her naked and f*cks only with a t shirt on. She’s short, Puerto Rican and a freak. I fell for her hard and I let her string me along. I found out she was married because I hired a PI. She tells you all these stories but they don’t reveal much about her. I tracked 2 guys and they were both uncooperative. She uses people just to f*ck and she’s needy. She will use you. Her husband is a fork lift driver and they both work out at Trufit off 23rd in McAllen. That’s her wedding ring tattooed on her finger. She doesn’t look like that. She hides her excessive skin under her shirts. She just wants to f*ck with her shirt on. She also loves to f*ck raw. I feel bad for her husband and kids.

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By Ronald

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