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Complaint: Dan Skelly is the owner of an online website that scams and defraud people like me. I see the BBB rating is an F. He owns a real estate website he is an old man that posts pictures of himself using drugs, smoking weed, showing off guns, showing off his money from the frauduelnt schemes he has (proof—> ). He scams people out of their home by trying to act link a real estate broker. What he does is gets you to sign a piece of paper for him to have the rights to sell your house. Takes a picture of the deed for your house and asks for creditor information to where he photoshops your signature to a document deed to sell the house to him for nothing. He will then contact the bank that he is the new owner (without you knowing) a month or so later he will then have the local police remove you from the home. It is a scam. He runs a vaporizer website to where he rips you off by shipping you out a fake, or charging your credit card from random front companies he runs. He will ship you a bag of rocks (verified from BBB report), he will ship you knock-offs made out of plastic (verified from online reviews) this man needs to be stopped and arrested. You can email him [email protected] and act like you have a home in Golden Colorado and you will see exactly what Im talking about.

Tags: Fake Scam Reviews, Ponzi Scam, Real Estate Fraud, Real Estate Scam Artist, Scam, Tobacco Companies

Address: 14143 Denver W. Parkway Suite 100 Golden, Colorado United States


Phone: 3035038793

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