Yolanda Cortina – She is a homewrecking slore that claims to be a christian….wtf Texas


This woman works with my husband and they have been screwing around. What really gets me is this slore’s husband left her and her children for another woman and she is still married to him. I guess she thought since someone took her man, she could take someone elses. She also claims to be a true, hard-core christian. Last I checked christians don’t do shit like this. Her mother also claims to be hard-core christian, with tons of godly and biblical verses and quotes all over their facebooks and other stuff. Yet both of them have tortured me and talked about me and laughed and made jokes about me because they thought she was getting my husband……well jokes on her, she didn’t get him, but god will see to it that she does get what is coming to her.

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By Ronald

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