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Complaint: Here is a word of caution and maybe someone will save themselves some grief from my experience. I have had a nice web page for quite sometime that performs well. I am high in search rankings etc. I struggle some getting people to leave reviews. So, Yodle/Lighthouse 360 claimed to be able to solve that. They did get reviews for us, but they do not show up on Google. Whats worse is that they said they would if I made them an additional administrator on my Google business account. They assured me they would not change anything I already had set up that was working. They LIED. They took over my google account, changed my phone number so anyone that clicked through to call from a google search would go through their tracking number and they look like the hero for sending a customer. They also took down my good working site and I disappeared from the map, along with all google reviews disappeared. I realized that today. I could tell by Google analytics that I performed well until the 16th of March and then almost no activity. I got it all fixed this afternoon and changed my Google business account password so Yodle/Lighthouse can no longer get in. I would STRONGLY recommend to tell them to take a hike if they call. If you already signed up, keep daily watch on what you already had working.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Internet USA

Website: yodle.com/

Phone: (877)-334-4321

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