Ynita Taylor Austin, Texas Texas


So my husband and I were pregnant and had decided to place our baby for adoption verses having an abortion due to it being unplanned. In the mean time, I was hospitalized at the end of my pregnancy for high blood pressure. We had been fighting more often and even fought on the way to the hospital to have the baby. I couldn’t figure out why for the life of me. || 2 months after having the baby I started finding messages in his phone (which he had given me to look something up) from someone not named. Later I found out that it was a woman whom I had known from work and she clearly knew he was my husband not only because we had pictures all over my office, but because he told her when she initially approached him. She searched his FB and told him then that”I know your wife” but that didnt stop her from proceeding. The day I found the messages I replied to them all as if I were him…he knew he had it coming then. She went from saying I don’t want to do this any more because y’all have been together 10 years and that’s too long to mess up, to by the next 15-20 message, are we having sex this evening??!!! So I want to expose her for the whore she is….. Here ya go Austin…Watch your man.

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