YMAX Oration Landline San Pablo California


Complaint: “Called my office and left a voice mail stating his name was Andy Williams and that I needed to call the State Attorney General’s Office of California. He could barely speak English. He basically threatened me stating that he could only “”wish me luck”” if I did not call right away and that I should not ignore this message. The last thing he said was that the local Sheriff’s Department would be coming to my work and to my home. I did not call him back

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Address: but did look up the number and it lead me to this section of the White Pages. I also looked up the number for the California Attorney General’s Office and the number he gave me was not their number – imagine!!!”” -taken from whitepages.com This is the exact same thing that happened to me this morning. The only difference was that I was not at work. These people need to be caught for what they are doing. If I was fully awake when this person called me I would not have given out my debit information. I am now behind a week of payments due to this.”


Phone: could not find physical address Nationwide USA

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