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I’m writing this on behalf of my sister-in-law. She is like a sister to me. Well this all started years back. 4 years or so. My sister-in-law was in a relationship. Everything was serious. They even have 4 kids together. Everything was fine until whore came along and started flirting with her man. Nobody thought she would do such a thing bc she was close to the family by marriage. She would always act so friendly and talk about what if she would ever find out if her husband were to cheat she would”cut her” the other woman. The slut isn’t married. Just a what if. Well this hoe couldn’t keep her legs close and she started messing with my sister-in-laws man. She even had the audacity to go to her house and sleep on her bed. And there goes the happy relationship. She left him and they gave themselfs space and time. They were able to get back together. || She forgave him and gave him another chance. Although it wasn’t easy bc they would cross paths once in a while bc she was from one side of the family. But they would each keep their distance and not say a word. My sister-in-law even had plans to get married this coming year in August after years together and kids. Well come to find out that this whore was at it again kept messaging him. He would blow her off. She kept insisting. And once again he fell for it. She just didnt want to see them that she had to open her damn legs again. She saved conversations between them and sent them to her. She even took a picture of him sleeping and also send it to him saying”After 4 years, something never change”. This bitch sounds proud of what she did. So be careful with this whore. How can you be happy to break up a family once again. Always being so fake and pretending have manners and respect for herself. And saying that her heart breaks for a woman when she heard a story of the other woman leaving a letter for the wife. She said.”Oh, my heart breaks for her”. Knowing damn well she was doing the same thing. Stupid hypocrite. A whore will be a whore no matter how classy and educated she may make herself seem.

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By Ronald

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