Yadira Alejandra Manriquez – North Hills, California California


My boyfriend and I, of 3 years then, share an iPad that we use at home. It was on this day I was stuck at home because my car broke down. This girl, Yadira Manriquez, thought she wouldn’t have gotten caught texting my boyfriend while he was out working. Little did she know that our iPad was under his email and everything that was sent to him through text was also sent to the iPad. While using the iPad she thought it would have been a slick idea to text him if she could come over for a swim in her bikini then quickly texting”or would you like to see me naked?”. || Men, as always, being stupid and clueless replies. They continue on and start talking about having sex and whatnot. I’m appalled by what I saw. I thought she was an actual friend, turns out she wasn’t. She’s a backstabbing, attention seeking,”nothing better to do than try to steal your man” home-wrecker. My boyfriend had then called me and with hearing the tone of my voice he knew that it was over. The sexting had continued for a few more minutes. Until he told her they were caught. To this day she denies doing all of the above and wants to fight me like a child in high school. She lies through her teeth and she makes herself believe everything she is saying is sincere. That explains the Pinocchio looking thing smack dab in the middle of her face. It is true what they say. Behind a home wrecker, is a mother who lacked teaching manners and morals.

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By Ronald

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