Xtreme Backyards – Xtreme Backyards – Extremely Horrible Spa & Hot Tub Company Owned by Dave Maddox

Think twice before hiring Xtreme Backyards for any sort of hot tub or spa integration to your backyard. I wish we researched them more. The reviews online about them are accurate and true. I wish I saw their BBB rating too. They are known for screwing up, fraudulent, and lying to clients who just want to expand their yard into something beautiful. The site says it’s a family-owned company by Dave Maddox, NOPE, it’s run by Satan himself and his squad. | He finds the worst refurbished spas and hot tubs then try to clean them and say they are new. There is no manufacturing record of him purchasing new ones and when you ask for them — he gets offended and upset. | They promise to fix any issue and complaint and give a refund if not happy and do you think that really happens. No! The staff says they have to talk to Dave and guess what he denies it and pretends like you do not exist. No family business treats others this way. No business in business for 35 years has lasted as long as they say they have by lying and cheating their way into your pockets like this company.

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