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My story begins back in 2009 when my now ex husband Geovany and I decided to start going to my church together. After a while, he decided to become a Christian and then got baptized. He stopped drinking and became really involved in church. || We started going to Bible studies once a week at the home of a couple from church. The HW is the sister of the wife. I started to notice that the whore was staring at Geovany a lot. When I talked to him about it, he just blew it off, as if it was nothing. || Fast forward to early 2010. We became pretty good friends with the couple whose house we went to every week. One day, I was at their house and the whore’s kids were there. At the time, I’d say her son was about 4 years old and her daughter maybe 6 or 7. Her daughter came and told me that Geovany has been going to see her mom at her apartment. When I confronted Geovany about it, he said that him and another friend of ours from church had to go help her fix her car! It seemed believable, so I let it go. || Geovany started saying that he was working late. Then it turned into all night! We fought and argued a lot because I didn’t believe him. But I had no proof yet. He started a lot of arguments and would take off for 3-4 hours at a time in the evenings. He told me that he just took off walking, or he went for a bike ride! Yeah, right!! I got fed up and started using family locator on his phone. I looked online to see where he was, and it turns out he wasn’t working at all that day, like he said he was. He was just a few minutes away from where we lived. I told him I tracked him, and he got really mad. Then I looked up our phone records online and saw a number that showed up a lot; a lot of texts and calls every day while he was working. He said it was just a friend who has a sick baby and she needed help so he was helping her! I didn’t believe him, I had a very bad feeling about it all. I printed out the evidence and confronted him. He still refused to admit it, even though I had the evidence in my hands! || That night, I waited for him to go to bed. After he’d been asleep for a while, I went to check his cell phone. It was turned off. I turned it on and it started ringing. I answered it, but no one said anything. The next day, I got a hold of his cell phone again and called the same number. She picked up, but still wouldn’t say a word. That night, I asked him if he was cheating on me. He got mad and we started arguing. It got worse, to the point of him hurting me physically. He hit me in the nose and slammed my head into the wall. That was the night he left me for good. || Early the next morning, I tracked him down to an apartment complex that was less than 5 minutes from where we lived. I went there and waited for him to come out. He was shocked to see me. We argued again and he got so mad because I’d parked my car right behind his truck. He called the police on me and they showed up, asking whose name the truck is in. I said mine. So they forced him to give me the keys and I took the truck home. || The same day, I found out he’d been having an affair with this whore. A church friend of mine and also the whore’s sister told me they’d been having an affair for months. I was told that a few months before, men from our church had a meeting with Geovany and had told him what he’s doing is wrong and he needs to stop and go home to his wife. He lied and said he would, but never did. I was so hurt and betrayed that my church KNEW, but never told me! || I ended up going to the ER that evening and was told I had a concussion from him slamming my head into the wall. He called me private as soon as I got out of the hospital. When I told him I was in the ER and had a concussion, all he did was laugh and tell me I should’ve listened to him! I pressed charges and a warrant was put out for his arrest. A few weeks later, I got a call from the jail. He was upset, saying he got arrested. I thought it was very weird that he used his one phone call to call ME, not his whore! Once I knew he was finally in jail, I refused to answer his calls after that. He wrote me letters, begging me to drop the charges because I was the only one who could. He said if I couldn’t do it for him, then to do it for his family! I ignored him, of course. He ended up getting put into immigration detention and was deported to Honduras in December 2010. His whore went with him and she abandoned her 2 kids here, left them with their dad. They tried to cross the border to come back to Texas, but didn’t make it. || They now live in Tegucigalpa Honduras. I’m sure they’re planning on coming back to Texas because Geovany’s mom lives in southern Texas, as well as his brother and sister. || This whore has no remorse whatsoever. I asked her if he was worth it to lose her kids, her church and her sister. She said yes, and that she’d already had plans to leave everything behind and that Geovany came along afterwards. I asked her how she could abandon her kids like that; she said she loves her kids and talks to them on the phone every few months! I told her he’ll cheat on her also. She said she trusts him! And says he loves her LOL! This whore and my ex husband are nothing but trash. I told them that, too. I told them neither one of them have a heart or a conscience. And I said it’s disgusting how they post pics of God and the Bible on their facebook page, and that God will judge them one day! My divorce was finalized on February 14, 2012. My ex husband is a whore as well and I’m so thankful to be rid of him! I hold him more responsible because he was married to me. I plan to expose him soon! I told his whore thank u, and that he’s HER PROBLEM now! That’s him in the third pic.

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