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I placed my order on 11-25 for a Delphi Skyfi2 they claimed they had in stock.. I was charged instantly. A week passed and other things I ordered later on other sites started to arrive and nothing on this radio… call them.. 1/2 hour waiting and dropped several times then I had to call late late nigtht.. on hold 4 ever again.. then other day I chose the option for a salesperson.. boom.. someone answers in less than 5 minutes.. I asked if they have the Skyfi 2 on stock… “YEAHH.. WILL SHIP IT TOMORROW.”” nThen I questioned

well if you have it Y the FFFF didn’t u ship mine yet??? Then the YEAH turns into a “”It’s arriving in a couple days.. on the 17th.. by +- 20th they didn’t have it shipped and I cancelled the order.. very easy to cancel the person apologize and said the money would be back in a couple days

2 days and nothing.. 4 days… then I got to emails.. saying they didn’t had time to stop the shipment and the SkyFi2 was on the way… now I’m supposed to send it back for credit. Call the MFKrs and ask them if 5 days wasn’t enough to cancel the shipping department

they said they can’t do nothing since it’s already shipped

asked for proof that they shipped

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By Ronald

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