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I ordered and purchased products from xtoys boutique on line at xtoysboutique.com for a total of $103.94. The amount of 103.94 was charged to my debit card and that amount was deducted from my account. I waited several weeks and when it wasn’t delivered,i checked and no email verification was sent by company. I went back to xtoys boutique and log in and copied a invoice. I them emailed them to check on the status of order. Again i waited with no reply back. Again i email them to question when it was sent and for the tracking numbers again no response from the company. After four emails and no response at all from the company. I them put the name of the company into google and came up i clicked on to that site and seen xtoys boutique had had other complints and they had been solved and the other’s that had complained did indeed soon receive their orders and the company had responded in a positive way. I was unable to copy and paste the copy of sales receipt. But the invoice number is 100063081 total 103.94.

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By Ronald

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