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Complaint: in april of 2012 after i decided to purchase a double wide home after shoping around i decided on a dealer nearby where i live i got a package deal for a home ,including piers for it to sit on,septic system,electric,drilled well and insulated skirting complete ready to move in on my own land for 90000 i needed a down payment so i withdrew 30000 from my pension as this was the only money for a down payment i had at 55 years of age.they put me through mountainside financiall for my loan when i received my papers the figures did not match my agreement that is when i googeled wyoming homes and the owners name and a tv report from 2008 came up i was sick.i contacted the bank and wyoming homes they got that straightened out. i filed for my permits got my sewer permit june 20 2012 and began calling wyoming homes and texixg them they could start the septic system everytime i would hear they were going to start tomorrow ,next week all kind of start times the building permit was issued in august 23 again i made all kinds of calls and got all kinds of promises and dates. the home arrived on there lot the end of june it was suposed to be totall electrit it was total gas again i called all kinds of excuses promises and dates.low and behold the end of august i get a call from alliance bank wyoming homes had put me through them for a loan i called both banks and neither knew of the others involvement.now i find out wyoming homes has went back to the first bank and told them they want me to sighn papers when nothing has been done no septic systm no well no piers they told the bank i would be in in a week. its now oct 8 th 2012 i have nothing but a home siting at the dealers that is wrong no septic no well no nothing except a empty pocket minus 30000 and mental anguish i just wished i had my 30000 back and had been smart enough to know of the past experinces the 2008 news clip from the local tv station god help me im a fool

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 1343 HIGHWAY 315 WILKES BARRE, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 570-270-5511

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