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Complaint: Purchased vehicle (1998 Ford Escort) in July from rip-off car lot in Pontiac MI, known as Don Foss of Pontiac. Purchased extended warranty that includes seals and gaskets up 100,000 miles. When I got car, 1.5 days later alternator dies. Car dealer did take care of that. 80 days later, the head gasket blows. Wynn’s has denied claim stating that bolt caused failure, not head gasket. Head has been taken to independent machine shops and both have determined that by meausring the head, the gasket failed. At first Wynn’s denied claim stating that the bolt is not lubricated. My mechanic obtained service manual from Ford Manual and have submitted. I work at a Engine Plant and have talked to many many engineers and they all agree, bolts DO NOT fail. The gaskets fail. I paid $1,350 for this crap. I have filed a complaint with my State Attorney’s Office as well as with the BBB and the Insurance Commissioner’s Office. I believe there is a lot of collusion going on with this scumbag company. I am going to the TV stations and newspapers as well. I want to get people involved in getting a class action suit going. This is a crime that they are not honoring their crap product. The CEO basks in sunny beautiful Miami, Florida, playing rounds of golf on our purchases. In one of these posts, is a name of the Wyn”s Attorney. Funny I have searched ALL states Bar Associations and there is no Paul Gueme registered in ANY state. This company is one big fraud! Kathleen Waterford, MichiganU.S.A.

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Address: PO Box 2470 Brea, California. 92822 USA Miami, Florida U.S.A.



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