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Complaint: In mid September 2005, My spouse took our 2001 Chevy Suburban to the dealership due to a hinge on the back hatch add broken. The dealership submitted the claim to Wynn’s and they declined stating that they do not cover glass replacement. OK, I will agree that Wynn’s has many loopholes that prevent them from paying on peoples extended warranties. After explaining to several customer service representatives, that the glass was not broken on my Suburban, I finally found a representative who said the hinges were covered in my warranty. That all the dealership had to do was not use the words glass in the claim request. Sounds shady to me, but it was good news that someone seemed to care about this issue. Upon the second claim request by the dealership, Wynn’s promptly denied the claim again. So the phone calls started all over again. This time I requested a supervisor and was denied. They would have to call me back, I was not allowed to be put on hold for a supervisor. Two days passed and still no return phone call from Wynn’s Extended Care. So I called back and argued once again with a customer service representative to no satisfaction and still was refused to speak to a representative. Finally, a person claiming to be a supervisor called me back and stated that “the hinges for your vehicle comes with glass attached”” as one complete unit

Tags: Auto Warranty

Address: to the tune of about $750.00 and about $200.00 in labor to have it installed

Website: unprofessionalism

Phone: thus since glass is involved

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