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My husband used to be married to this homewrecker. They split up in Nov 2008. He moved out to his own apartment near where they had a trailer. He stayed there until Jan 2009 in case they would work it out. Not even 2 weeks after he moved out of their trailer, she moved in another man to the trailer they once shared. Near the end of Jan, my husband moved back to his hometown over 8 hours away from her seeing that they were done. I met him the end of May 2009. The very week we met, she sent him divorce papers. They have no children, were seperated living hours apart 6 mos & she was filing for divorce so yes we started dating. Few month later we moved out of Florida to Tennessee. We had a baby in Sept 2011. We married in Feb 2012. During this time frame, she made multiple attempts to contact/reach out to him via e-mail, Facebook, keeping ties with his family etc. He told her to leave him alone & not to contact him anymore & evry attempt after were ignored by my husband. He even made a new Facebook account blocking her from very beginning. One month after having our daughter, my mother died..on my daughters 1st birthday my father commited suicide. In late 2012 (3mos after my father died) I was diagnosed with cancer having no health insurance & no $ for treatment or to afford insurance. We were living paycheck-paycheck some weeks barely making it… || That took its toll on our relationship. May 2014 I tell my husband I was going to be leaving that I felt we needed space to try & work out our issues and learn to appreciate one another. He fell apart. He begged but I didn’t budge because we had so many convos of the same without any improvemnt so at the time I felt that was the only thing left to try. He ran to her for comfort. 5 years of him being with me, ignoring all her attempts, telling her to leave him alone do not contact him & her being desperate she ran right into his rebound. She up and left her live-in boyfrind in middle of the night, just left her job & drove up to Tennessee from Florida after being in contact with my husband for a mere 6 days to shack up in a motel around the block from our house waiting on me & our daughter to leave! I found out after her being there only a few hours. He of course ran home apologizing lying that he wasn’t with her sexually..which he was. That lasted a little over one day, before he broke it off with her, left her at the motel & begged me not to leave to please stay & try to work this out. I was packed & set to leave the next morning. He agreed to do counseling & finally admitted his faults so I stayed but promised nothing more than to try. Immediately after, she was messeging him, trying to call him etc. He blocked her, gave me his # & he took mine..a few weeks later we start getting mail in her name at our house.”Unknown” calls on my cell (his old #) that hang up on me. Every now & then she calls unblocked. Its been a year, our relationship is back to the way it was, all our issues have been worked on & resolved but she still won’t quit! She still tries to contact him, keeps his family close ( he has nothing to do with his family) she has changed her name back to my husbands last name on Facebook even though she’s been remarried since their divorce 2 times that we know of..total marriages including my husband is up over 10! She keeps going for my husband because he’s the only decent guy she’s ever been with. One that holds a job and doesn’t beat her. Her thing is she’s runs after anything that gives her attention until she’s bored or they’re abusing her then she tries to get back with my husband. So ladies, watch this whore. She has absolutely NO remorse that our inncocent 3 yr old daughter was losing her daddy. In fact in that 1 day she was in the motel by my house, she even told my husband”you need to tell her to hurry up and leave already”! She has the nerve to say I am the homewrecker! They were legally seperated, no kids, living over 600miles apart for over 6 mos & both dating other people when I 1st met my husband! She is still actively trying to split our marriage now 6 yrs together with a child including coming to the state we live together! She’s a lunatic. She even has a picture as her Facebook profile pic of herself that my husband took of her over 10 yrs ago!! Last msge she sent him before he blocked her was”see look at my name..Ill always be here waiting for you” because she her last name back to his. Mind you this woman is 47 yrs old! Acts like a little child even saying to me when I responded to 1 of her many msgs to my husband saying”please just leave us alone he is back home with me his wife & his daughter” her response was”oh wahtever your not his mommy & he was my husband first” as if she has a claim on him!

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