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I was very happy to get the “Hawaiin Eye”” TV Series after all these years. What a damned disappointment!!! The reproduction of this was much less than amaturish. Completely blurry

not showing the entire picture. The speech as all scratchy. I leaves out some of the scenes when the TV was breaking for an Ad. nI recieved this from a company in China!!! Go Figure. It has an ABC lable on it and some of the lead in’s mention MGM. I wonder if these companies know what a horrific product bear their logos and name. nA company like this needs to be closed down!!! I paid $149.00 on my credit card although it was advertised as $98.00. nI really thought it was illegal for anyone to copy TV products and then sell them for personal gain. nI hope someone in power sees this and takes them to task. I see that there are many other good


trusting americans out there getting bilked by this lousy company.”

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By Ronald

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