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Complaint: Barbara Sobel a Disc Jockey and Cult Leader has taken on the infamous Dastur Adam Daniels who has changed his name almost as many times as Barbara the “Cult Leader”” his group which was once the Church of Ahriman boasted the famous Peter Ciara who was recently convicted (reported) for assault on a Police Officer

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: while Dastur Adam Daniels was convicted of sexually molesting an inmate while employed as a Prison Guard (his conviction appears in the Oklahoma Data Base) which can be found on-line as well


Phone: Barbara has numerous Rip Off Reports and has been the target of numerous investigations by Stratton Bros. Investigations and the former Church of Ahriman appears in the Google Search as a very CULTIST church as well. I am suggesting if you have children or teens to have them steer clear of this Church of Malphas due to deep involvement (THIS IS NOT SPECULATION) with Sex Offenders (Adam Daniels) and his membership along with the history of Church of Malphas bashing GAYS on Face Book and spreading lies while hiding under a umbrella of Freedom of Religion. DANGER www.churchofmalphas.com IS A KNOWN CULT! Thanks Frank”

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By Ronald

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