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Usually I check my credit card statements every month and when I checked my statement, I noticed I was charged $78.71 for a product that was cancelled due to the high cost of the product. I was only to be charged for shipping and handling of the product if I cancelled any further shipments within a certain time frame. I just happened to cancel my shipments the very same day I received the product and was told I would not be charged anything further. Lo and behold, there was the charge on my credit card almost a month later. I attempted to contact customer service and ended up talking to a person of foreign descent whom I could barely understand or hear due to a lot of background noise. After receiving no help whatsoever, I called back during early morning hours on 03-03-09, and again ended up talking to either the same person or a person of same descent with lots of background noise. He advised me that I received a bottle containing 60 pills and that since I was cancelling the order, I would only be charged $47.00 and no further shipments would arrive. I explained to him in my best English that I would not be satisfied with that since I cancelled my order in the time specified. He then said I could keep the pills, no further shipments would arrive and that I would only be charged $7.00 for the item. I stated that if need be, I would contact the Attorney General’s office for possible fraud violations unless I received the full credit on my credit card. The man then asked me to hold on, which I did, and he then came back and stated that my credit card amount was to be credited in the full amount that I was charged. This company apparently does business like this day in and day out and sometimes gets by with it. I think a class action lawsuit should be in order. I also wrote a letter via e mail to the company and stated that I would never be a customer again, nor would I even finish taking the product, which who knows, they might just be placebo pills. nDavenTulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.

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