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www.atsbets.com is a complete and utter scam. The website operates a sports handicapping service and claims outrageous win percentages that are false. They charge 25 dollars per pick which looks enticing given their supposed “win percentage””. After using their service for about 3-6 months of mediocrity I did some digging and realized that their past records were completely false and that they manipulated the outcomes of their picks later on. Do NOT USE THIS SERVICE UNLESS YOU WANT TO COMPLETELY GET HUSTLED AND LOSE A LOT OF MONEY… for a service that will not do better than win 50 percent of their games. THEY HAVE CHEATED TOO MANY PEOPLE!!! nHERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A CUSTOMER: n1.teddy had records of 60percent month before month prior to me joining.. then he goes 50%…. for the next three weeks.ni let off for 4 day vacation and he hits 88%. then i come back for one more day and he is at 50% again….nmy bad luck ?????najaat’s SBR nAdamgnOrange


www.atsbets.com Internet U.S.A.

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