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Complaint: A lot of managers doesn’t know the 21 days to return your deposit or part of your deposit that the law requires. Anyone who feels that their entitle for the return of their deposit or even part of it should go to small claims as I did. It is hard to talk to the office of WS Reality and they don’t want to return your calls or give you any information on your deposit and did tell me at the end before taking them to court that I wasn’t getting any of my deposit back. Luckily I took pictures of the inside of the apartment before moving in and after moving out. The judge didn’t care about seeing any of the pictures that I had or that WS Reality had. I did win my case and WS Reality did pay me. It wasn’t as much as I would of liked but I feel I won more than the deposit cause it’s on file now in the court system to help the next person who needs to sue for their deposit from this company cause there will be a next time who ever rents from them. They do not like returning your deposit but they do have 21 days. I too called numerous times to get some kind of answer on my deposit and got nothing till the end when I file a lawsuit in small claims. I can’t say enough anyone who rents get a renters right book it’s free or go online and read your rights. You’d be surprised in how many rights you have. Case number SMCBS1701964 we need to all stand together and report our complaints to help the next person to help their case be strong. I have to thank everyone that has filed against WS Reality it made me stronger and more determined to get my case filed in court to help the next person to strengthen their case to show that strips on a Leopard doesn’t change.

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Address: 16911 main st. Hesperia, California United States



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