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Complaint: I bought a second-hand car in June of 2004. With this purchase I was persuaded to buy a 6 month warranty from a company called WPC ASSOCIATES, INC out of HARRISBURG, PA. I started having problems with my car on Oct 6th of 2004. I called WPC and was informed that I could take my car to any garage. I took it into my nearest garage on Oct 7th 2004. They checked out my car and found it had numerous problems (head gasket, transmission, water pump). They called WPC to get clearance to go ahead and fix my car. WPC stated that they would not pay and wanted the car moved to a service garage of their choosing. My local garage told me that the service garage it was being moved to was sub standard and would only patch up my car and not fix it properly. I called WPC and told them I wanted the car left in my local garage to get fixed but they refused. It was towed from my local garage to the WPC linked garage on Thursday Oct 14th. I was billed a diagnostic fee which is being tagged onto my overall bill. I called the WPC linked garage Friday Oct 15th 8 days after I initially brought my car into a garage to get fixed. The WPC linked garage had not even looked at my car! But the person I spoke was able to tell me about fees over and above what the WPC warranty would cover. I called Jamie at WPC the person I have been dealing with. On Oct 14th he had told me that the WPC linked garage would do whatever WPC tells them to do. So I asked him to tell them to actually fix my car. He told me it was up to me to deal with the people at the WPC linked garage! I told him I intended taking legal action and he said go ahead. I then asked to speak to the owners of WPC and he told me to leave a voice message on an answering machine. For a warranty which cost me over $500 I have no car. It has been towed to an alleged sub-standard garage. It has not been looked at. And this is 9 days after my initial call to WPC ASSOCIATES INC OUT OF HARRISBURG, PA 17112. DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY. Ciaran Bensalem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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Address: 1288 NORTH MOUNTAIN RD., HARRISBURG PA 17112 HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania U.S.A.


Phone: 717-540-0911

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