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Complaint: Over the Christmas Holiday, 2017, wife and I were looking to purchase a motor home. We live full time in our unit and we had researched our choice over the past year or so and when I did a web search for our particular model, it appeared this dealer had one in stock, at a very good price. After a financing issue which is a whole ‘nother story as they say, we took possession on Jan 5, 2018. I did not drive the unit before delivery and as we drove 400 miles down to make this deal, they were trying to do us a favor by making this an out of state purchase, so they had one of their employees drive the unit to Gallup NM so we could take possession in our homestate and then pay the sales tax there, saving us some money in the process. On the drive to where we live, I noticed the steering wheel was severely out of alignment with the direction the motor home was travelling. So that went on our list of things to have addressed under warranty. In addition, the water heater. A Girard Second Generation on demad water heater was found to be defective. The record was this heater turning off five times in the course of one shower. I have been in contact with the company since the beginning of Feb and in contact with World Wide RV since a couple of weeks after we took possession. On Jan 23, I emailed the Service Department and scheduled a day we could drive the 400 miles back to Mesa, arrange for an RV Spot for a week and then get it to the dealer at 8:30 when they opened the service department. Wednesday morning, March 21, I braved Phoenix Metro bumper to bumper traffic to get the unit to their door. The service manager went through the unit with me to confirm the list of items I wanted addressed with two exterior isses and the water heater as my three primary points. I also had several minor issues on the interior to be addressed if possible including the back up camera, washer dryer door, drawers which would not stay shut and the recliner chairs. On hearing of the water heater issue, the service manager told me point blank the on demand water heaters ‘sucked’ and most likely they would not be able to fix it. I sat in a camp chair in the parts area from 8:45 am to 3:00pm while the unit was in the shop. At the end of Day One, the back up camera, the washer dryer door and the exterior issues were dealt with. At no time did the service manager or technician ever go through the unit with me to show me what was done in detail. I was told the technician worked on the water heater for a few hours. I can confirm the gray water holding tank was full on my return to the RV Park. Day Two was Thursday, March 22 in which I was to bring the unit back and it was to go to the Alignment Shop. This time wife came with me and so wife, I and the cat sat in the camp chairs from 8:45 until 2p.m. while the unit went to the alignment shop and came back about noon. Then for another two hours the techician worked on the water heater some more. Finally at two, wife had enough. We had had no updates except to be told the unit was back from the alignment shop and after I had asked for the unit to be returned and was told by the two subordinate employees the service manager was a lunch and would have to do that, wife walked over and demanded in no uncertain terms she wanted the unit now. All of a sudden we were told the technician was putting the unit back together and we would have it momentarily. While waiting for the unit to come to the front, an employee unknown to us came up to were we were standing outside and told us we needed to consider ourselves lucky to have been able to get in the first place as some people schedule a year in advance. I reminded him we just baught this in early January and had scheduled this almost as soon as we took delivery. Wife added she was sorry we had purchased this unit and that we had driven all this way not to have the water heater fixed. Tempers flared and the employee who is still unknown to us turned and walked off and muttered very loudly under his breath “IDIOTS””. I called after him “”Sir

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Address: that was uncalled for.”” On driving back to the RV Park

Website: I noticed the control arm for the passenger side wiper had been hit in some way to break the cover where the arm attaches to the unit

Phone: I noticed the steerig wheel is more closely aligned with the direction of the wheels and the steering wheel itself is not at a 45 degree angle as you drive straight

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