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I purchased a 1000ct mixed parcel of faceted birthstones from (AKA I have NOT received this parcel and it is now 3 months since I made payment. nAll along Richard (owner) was very helpful until just after 45 days (at this point I was no longer able to try and recover a refund through PayPal). Contact has now totally ceased and Richard will no longer reply to my emails. nDon’t be fooled. The site looks great and like me you would assume that with much higher priced products available a small purchase must pose little risk. I was only ripped off $325 USD but would also like others to post their experiences (good or bad). nIn addition to the item mentioned above I did purchase another around the same time. This parcel arrived but wasn’t as described, 7mmAIVVS. Upon complaining I was told that this was an SKU not a product descrition. VERY misleading and I believe intentional. nSKU or product description, doesnt matter, personally I would never again purchase from this site and recommend everyone to stay clear. There are many other sites that charge very little extra and are much more reputable, dont take the risk and lose like I did. nI will immediately post the outcome should Richard contact me as a result of this post. If there is no update then I’m still out of pocket and gemstones., World Wide Gems, worldwidegems,, worldwidegemsource, World Wide Gem Source, Richard Belcastro, Gemstones, nMathewnTieriAustralia Internet U.S.A.

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