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On July 12th, 2007, my wife and I attended a presentation in Annapolis Maryland given by the company World Adventures By Integra, also known as PTS Travel, and World Adventures Travel. nWe were promised a free cruise and our selection of a condo any where in the world for up front payment of $3,544.00. Membership renewal would be 100 dollars a year. This was put on our Master Card. We were also informed that we had up to two years to use this service. All we had to do is call 727 631 2715. We were also drawn to win another 8 Day Cruise with included accommodations only. This is what we are trying to take now but have learned that we have been scammed. nWhen we call in to book a trip we got no return answers to our calls. We just found out by and online search that we had be riped off by this company as they no longer existance. Our member number is: GEL5309 Password 321 Travel. nthey told us they were powered by an exclusive arrangement with SUN Travel Solutions who have provided wholesale travel services for 15 years. nIf there is more information that you require from me and my wife please do not hesitate to ask. nOne further point there paper work claims that World Adventures Travel is registered with the State of Florida as a seller of travel registration number: ST36560. nAnthonynSevern, MarylandU.S.A.

9040 Towncenter Parkway Nationwide U.S.A.

866-851 9344

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