Woodspring Suites Portland Oregon Review


I would strongly recommend for anyone to stay away from this horror of a hotel chain. I have read many reviews from all over the US, and they are consistently taking advantage of customers and operating in a highly unethical manner. I paid for a month at this hotel in advance, and it was nothing but consistent problems from the start. They didn’t have the room ready and took forever to get it clean (over 4 hours). Upon move in, the nightmare started. It was barking dogs at the crack of dawn constantly. The walls are paper thin, and you can hear everything the person on the side of you is saying. There was constant banging from the room underneath me against the walls at 6:30 in the morning and continued daily even after complaining multiple times. The tenants have no respect for other guests. You can smell pot down the hallways since Colorado passed a law allowing pot smoking in the state. Trash is thrown all over the parking lot and it’s disgusting. The dumpster is constantly overflowing with nasty trash thrown all around the bin overflowing into the parking lot. There were empty flatbed trailers parked in the empty spaces that don’t move for weeks on end taking up empty parking spaces. The parking lot is too small for all the people that stay there. It took them 2 weeks to pave a small portion of the parking lot and inconvenienced customers wanting them to constantly move their cars from here to there and not having enough space for people to park while doing the work when you come in late at night. The manager is a very rude and unreasonable person to deal with. Guests are supposed to receive housekeeping every 2 weeks, and when that time came, they never showed up and ignored my room leaving me to live in my filth. After dealing with this for weeks, I asked for a refund of the rest of my stay wanting to move out.u00c2 He refused to give me my money back and expected me to continue to tolerate this horrific hellhole. I had no desire to stay in this nightmare any longer and lost $371.00 worth of accommodations paid in advance by this shyster company.u00c2 I called their corporate office and left message for the regional manager to discuss this. They never return your phone call, and it is a bogus lie told by their corporate staff in Wichita, Kansas to lead you on while taking people’s money. This company should be shut down by the state of KS as to what they’re doing to people with unethical and dishonest business dealings. Do yourself a favor, take my word for it and do not give your money to this hotel chain.u00c2 You will be very sorry.

555 Airport Creek Point, Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, Colorado United States

(719) 415-3508



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