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On or around Jan 5, 2015 we purchased a Honda EU2000i generator from wise sales.com. After placing the order and looking at a generator locally we realized that the EU2000I did not have the plug for an RV and that we should of purchased the Honda EU2000i Companion which does have the RV plug. We contacted Wise Sales and spoke with Dorothy who told us that the items were indeed in stock and that she could make the changes to the order that it had not shipped out yet and that we would receive the item in 7-10 days. We postponed a hunting trip to ensure we would have the generator by the next trip. Keep in mind the additional $100 was processed the day that we called and spoke with Dorothy. In the mean time we are checking online and there is no update on the shipping of the product –we then speak to Bonnie who tells us that they haven’t had these generators in stock since November and that they have no idea when they are coming in. We ask for a refund and she states that she can’t do refunds and to call and get it processed the next day. We call on the 15th of January and speak with Andy who states that they will issue the credit that day and it will take 3 days to process. After 3 days we call back and are a bit ill and find out that there’s no one named Andy that works for them (Apparently they change their names depending on with whom you speak and what it is in regards to). We speak with Jennifer who is rude and thinks it is funny that the refund hasn’t been given. We explain to her that there are two transactions and she says that’s fine she will take care of it. We did receive a refund (3 days later) for $999. We call back on 1/27/2015 to find out why we haven’t received the entire refund. Dorothy can’t find the paperwork, she doesn’t know this, she doesn’t know that–but yet she is the person that we talked to. After stating our case and being put on hold a total of 8 times and her laughing and thinking this is funny in the background we hang up and call back and speak with Gary (who sounds an awful lot like Andy on the phone) he takes our credit card information and tells us that he has done the refund and that it is being processed immediately–he gives us an ID and a batch number. 2 days later the credit still hasn’t shown up so now we are disputing the transactions with our bank in which a hold has been placed on our account to investigate the charges now. This is NOT FUNNY–we have to wait a month to get the money returned to us so that we can buy another generator and this company could care less about what we are going through. It’s a disgrace and the bad thing is they all stated that the owner knew this and was aware of it but still sold the product–the website states that all the items are in stock which they are not. This is fraud, false advertisement and theft–you can’t sell something that you don’t have—when you place your order online it does not tell you that the items are back ordered but they certainly take your money and their time in refunding your money to you.

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