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I received a virus alert on 12-30-19 when trying to do a financial transaction on my MacBook Pro laptop. The virus alert locked up my computer, completely frozen. It came from a supposed ‘Microsoft’ alert. I shouldn’t have believed this alert, but in my panic I called the tech/help support #: 1-866-666-1901. A ‘Nathan Saint’ (with a Middle Eastern Accent) tried to assist me and I fell for it. I gave him enough info for him to remote into my computer and ‘look for viruses.’ I, unfortunately, gave him my credit card # to offer me a 6 Month Firewall + 3 Month Telephonic Support (via ‘Microsoft & Intel support’ called ‘WireFree Solutions INC’). A charge was placed on my credit card for $106.98. ‘Nathan’ sent me the below attachment, titled Computer Help for your review and shared what support they would offer me.I became very suspicious, so I shut down my wifi, so he could no longer look around in my computer and I brought my laptop to a Mac technician who immediately looked into it (Anthony from Tech Medics in Duluth MN). He could see what Nathan had been looking at and reviewed the log. He definitely thought this was a complete scam and their goal was to spread viruses to my computers and others who received this Microsoft alert. When I do a search on your ScamPulse.com website, WireFree Solution INC in Denver, CO does not exist.I continue to receive continuous phone calls from WireFree Solutions INC, in which they leave messages requesting that I call them back so they can assist me with my computer. They call from their ‘Tech Help’ #: 866-666-1901. They also gave me a ‘Customer Service’ #: 855-700-0290.If you could please look into it, I think it’s worth investigating. I don’t want another person to be scammed and received unnecessary viruses on their computer as I have.Thanks for your assistance!

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By Ronald

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