Wine 101 Warrensburg Missouri Review


Wine 101 is the worst shop I have ever seen! They are extremely overpriced and I would not suggest anyone use them for any service whatsoever! I have lived in Warrensburg for over 4 years now and seen them since they opened till now. Although they may seem to have a large and decently priced wine selection, it is not true!!!! I have shopped many of the wine stores in “The Burg”” and by far Parker’s Grocery store has the best selection with unbeatable prices!!! They actually have a much larger wine selection than that of Wine 101. Parker’s was several dollars cheaper on all of their items and had many more wines

and also categorized/alphabetized all of them. nWine 101 has no sense of organization and wine is everywhere

to the point of being inconvenient. I also know that their shipping services are terrible and 3 out of 5 customers complain and call frequently checking on what has happened to their wine. I know this personally because I have worked for Wine 101 for almost a year. I have seen the managing partner Brandon Godwin let wine to be shipped sit for weeks without any attempt of contacting the senders or receivers! He also claims that you can order items

but will only do it if he has a personal interest in the product

because he is often intoxicated at work!!!! nHe also is an overall poor manager and person! He was so incompetent that he could not complete the employee schedule until the day before or even sometimes the day of working. He also will change your schedule without telling you at all and expect you to accept it without hesitation. He also only hires his friends or attractive young women. He also allows the minors that work for him to not only consume but also purchase alcohol. He has even tried to get me to sell to minors

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By Ronald

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