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Beware of this fraud and common thief. Will Brown offers landscaping, maintenance, and general construction services to commercial and residential customers. In my case he began with very low prices to get a few small jobs around my home and was operating as the u201cFounder & CEOu201d of u2018Floridau2019s Tru-Professionalsu2019. He claims to have a contractoru2019s license and full insurance coverage. Paperwork was on-hand as evidence. When a large landscaping project was ready to begin, he took several hundred dollars of down payment for the plants and left town. The work was never completed but for months he promised he would complete the project or return the money. Eventually he skipped town. This man is a liar and a convicted fraud in Hillsborough County Florida. He always had excuses for late work or missed deadlines. He blames employees, associates, and unbelievable circumstances for his short comings. In general you should not trust a word this man says, and should not pay for any services in advance. When he left Florida late in 2013, he was supposedly headed to South Carolina. In his voicemail at that time he started using the name u201cBrianu201d but no last name was given. Wilbur Brown fancies himself an entrepreneur and renames his business as needed. He also claims to be a black belt, and likes to u201cthank Godu201d and pretend to be a person of devout faith. He should not be trusted. mugshots.com/US-Counties/Florida/Hillsborough-County-FL/Wilbur-Brown.1878025.html

5014 Brooks Acres Circle Tampa, Florida USA



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