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Complaint: Swarming the internet media sites like Facebook and Craigslist is a new company call who survey.com they claim you watch a 1 minutes commercial video and answer 6 highly generic questions and you will be paid $14 per survey and you can do 3 per day. This is absolute B.S. They want your email address and paypal account info so they can wipe out YOUR funds out of your paypal account and your bank account. There are only 3 so-called surveys. Period. One for coke, one for Kia motors and the 3rd is for lock tite. I left messages for lock tite and the president of the company called me back and had no clue of this scam until I bright it to their attention. They have never heard of this company and them stealing their YouTube video lying staying these 3 companies will pay us. The same is true with me speaking to come and Kia motors. Nobody gets paid after hitting $500 but at that very moment the malware and viruses this site loaded into your computer and smartphone will release your passwords without your knowledge.

Tags: Attorneys General

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.whosurvey.com/


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