Whitney Irene Neel – Whitney doesn’t mind married men even after talking to their wives Indiana


Whitney Irene Neel met my friend’s husband at a bar near where she lives in Terra Haute, Indiana. The husband talked to her and lied about being seperated. They talked…. They screwed. Numerous times. They continued talking. My friend found Whitney’s phone number on their shared cell phone bill. When my friend confronted her husband, he told his wife not to call her at work and “bother her”. She supposedly works for a college near Indianapolis. He told my friend Whitney wasn’t anything. Just a mistake. My friend called Whitney and told her to back off. To which she blocked my friend’s cell number and blocked her on social media and continued the affair with a married man. My friend devoted her life to this man and the daughter they share. She was diligent 24/7 while nursing their daughter for 3 years through her fight with leukemia. Whitney didn’t listen to my friends warning to stay away from him. Thanksgiving morning she found messages from her husband to his slore telling her that he loved her and she was dreaming of being in his arms. This slore has no remorse. She obviously doesn’t have a conscious either. She continues to contact my friend’s husband even after he claimed she was just some girl he met at the bar and it meant nothing and had no feelings for Whitney. Thanks to this slore, a childhood cancer surviving family has been torn apart. The funniest part is that even though he claims to love this whore to the slore, he has already cheated on her with another mutual friend of his and my friend’s named Shelby. He is truly a piece of absolute waste of oxygen and my friend has woke up to his unfaithful ways. But Whitney willingly continued a “relationship” with him knowing he was not seperated and in fact very much married. He was not single. And that she was destroying a home. That is the very definition a slore. My friend tried to warn her not to *f* with married men. Now my friend is suffering alongside their daughter… these two worthless pieces of sh1t deserve each other.

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By Ronald

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