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My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together 17 years and married 14. Having been together since 15 years old we have been through a lot. Some good and some bad times. In 2005 we lost a baby at 9 months pregnant and I delivered her stillborn. A few months later my husband started an affair with Whitney. I don’t know if his grief was part of it or it was just him finding an easy little 18 year old. He was in the Navy at the time and so was she. She knew he was married and had kids. There were clues and I asked and was told nothing was going on. By the time it all came out he was getting ready to deploy to the Middle East. I had confronted them both. I talked separation with him after he broke it off with her. He begged and cried and begged some more to be given another chance. She even would call me crying as well because he refused to talk to her anymore and actually wanted me to fix it so she could be with him. || I eventually gave him another chance. We have 2 kids and my marriage is important to me. By the time he came back she was out of the military and in Cuba with her new sailor husband. A few years went by and my husband got out of the military and we moved to Jacksonville,FL. Later in I find out she is also there now with her husband. Last year it comes out that they picked up their affair a month after we moved there. This time again she knew about me and told me she didn’t care. She will be with him as long as he wants her. that she just doesn’t think about me, I don’t matter. My kids, teens by now, and I leave and go to stay with family. He cries and begs and pleads again. I sadly gave in again but said I wanted to be smarter this time and needed more time before I came back. The kids went back a few months ago and they were happy. This week though I find out he’s with Whitney again. I guess he got lonely. She no longer replies to me so I don’t know why she keeps going back. For him he says I made him wait too long to come back. || Yes I blame him. But the fact that she could care less about what she is doing to my family is why I’m putting her here. She has her own husband she could have turned mine down. But she does it over and over again not caring. Now she is even spending time with my kids as if she had nothing to do with why my daughter cries to me about her family falling apart. || The pictures are of her from her Facebook page. The ones I have I can’t put up. It’s some I found of her in my bedroom.

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