Whitney Ainsworth Wiggins, Mississippi Mississippi


My boyfriend and I had been together almost a year (just a couple months shy of) and he was working the night shift in law enforcement. (Typical f**king cop). He runs across this little nasty skank (who is 23 at the time and he was 39). He lets her know right from the start that he is involved with someone. Well he also let her know that we were having problems in our relationship so she decided to throw her shit at him and of course he didn’t turn it down. This lasted all of three weeks. I knew about the affair then, but of course he denied it. || In April of this year, he decided to tell me the”truth” which was the exaggerated truth while we were in a heated argument. Now here we are 5 months later and now f**king married, I find out the story from 5 months ago wasn’t the truth. They slept together several times before he ended it. Because he”didn’t know how to end it” f**king really. Be a f**king man and grow a set of balls. || Well she was 23 with 3 kids in DHS custody! She is now 25 with 4 kids and married also after being with the guy for like 3 months. She knew about me, I knew nothing about her. Now I know her name, where she lives, her family, all the way to the vehicle she drives. All I can say is f**k that bitch and f*k him too. I am way too grown to do anything stupid other than let karma take it’s toll.

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By Ronald

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