Whitley Victor – Odessa, Texas Texas


|| Whitley Victor is a home wrecker!! She was still in high school when my ex-husband got associated with this GARBAGE! Her and her mother (heard she’s also a home wrecker, hmm following in mommas foot steps) have jumped from state to state along the south. When my ex started messing around with her she lived in New Mexico and he moved her here to Odessa, Texas and momma followed. But here’s the catch, karma bit Whitley in the ass because after a year of digging in that trash my ex came back to me and here ass was booted out the door on the streets where she belongs!! So now we find out she’s going around dating all of his friends. ?? So the moral of this story is home wreckers are TEMPORARY!! He always goes back to his wife. So now the lesson for Whitley is quit being a whore and find your own man that ISNT married. Rant over!

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By Ronald

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