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Complaint: Wheelmax seemed like an awesome deal. $512 for four rims. However when I ordered the rims it was for my fiance and I used her card. We have lived together for five years. Tony, the ‘online order supervisor’, called me up and said the address did not match the card. I thought it was strange, but then he said the address did match, but the card was declined for insufficient funds. I found that strange since i had $600 in it. So i called the credit card company and they informed me that Wheelmax had already charged me the $512 and they kept trying to charge me again. I told Tony this and he said theres no way it could happen. I told him per the credit card company he would need to call them to clear the original charge and he said he would. The next day he calls me back and leaves a message saying, “Hey Scott stop playing games

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Address: we’re not gonna be a part of your fraudulent activity. I know this is not your card and I’m gonna notify the authorities. As far as I’m concerned theres penalties for this. We’re not gonna deal with you anymore.”” I was very upset so I had my fiance call to clear it up

Website: but after reading the reviews through BBB and Ripoff Scams I’m actually glad he is such a jerk. Thank’s again Tony. Good luck. Scott Idaho Falls

Phone: then he accused her

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