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On the internet threw tv dvd town but on bank statement says perfect dvd’s On a blog sight I found it as DVDTVENTERTAINMENT.COM, AND WHAT A DEAL.COM I purchased a dark shadows dvd set all 5 seasons 132 dvd’s.only have part of order.arrived badly damaged coming all the way from china…. none of them will play.No refund yet, getting the run around no one will call me. 1 e-mail a day.they say they cannot refund shipping and want me to pay to return the dvd’s as well.Here’s the kicker in questions and facts on there sight it states if anything is defective send order# and dvd # and they will replace it with the exact same item free of charge.They say thats the only set they have so it cant be replaced.and they say they cant refund my shipping.which makes no since cause it arrived broke.and cant be replaced.I want all my money back.It also states that damaged goods do not require return shipping.And did I mention its bootleg dvds very poorly done and wont even play at all !

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