Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort & Spa Devereux Georgia Review


On Friday, July 25,2008, my wife and I checked into the Westgate Smokey Mountain Resort and Spa. We are Westgate Members since 2005, have used our timeshare three times before. We arrived early (3:00PM), I had become ill that day, the Attendant told us our room was ready, but hadn’t had the final inspection. We were fine with this, the attendant states it would be 10-15 minutes. At 3:30PM, we went back to the attendant and saw she was gone for the day, so we had to start all over with another attendant, which sent us to Guest Services, which sent us back to the check-in Attendant.nAt 4PM we demanded to see a supervisor, a man came down, told us there are over 600 rooms there and that it takes 20 minutes to an hour to inspect the rooms. I told him I didn’t mind waiting but I should be allowed in at 4PM, he stated that check-in begins at 4PM, doesn’t mean I can get into a room at 4PM???I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t anyone else waiting on a room but us! Everybody checking in went to a room immediately! The supervisor stated it would be a “few”” more minutes. I explained that I was sick and needed to lie down. At 4:30PM

running a fever and very nausiated

I went back and met the supervisor

who stated our room was now ready.nUpon arriving at our cabin

we noticed cobwebs in the corner

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By Ronald

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