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My husband and I went to the 90 minute presentation which took 3 1/2 hours ,after some high pressure sales we thought that everything sounded good so we agreed to go with it . The sales person brought the paperwork to the sales floor to show us what we would be signing for , which was bascially a 5 yr. contract at 14.99% . The salesman went through all of the terms with us so that when we went back to sign with the closing officer everything would be short and sweet . We never really noticed anything strange at the time , but recently we call to find out what our payoff amount was , and to our surprise after paying for 4 1/2 years we still owed almost the same amount that we originally signed for . But how could this be ? We agreed to a five year payment plan , we had also put a down payment and our finance rate was 14.99%. When the person on the other end of the phone told me how much we still owed I had to ask ” How can that be

we are almost all the way through our contract “”

I was then informed that we were close to be HALF way through our payment contract . It was then that I called my husband and asked him how long did we signed for with Westgate? And at what finance rate? He was on the same page with me

we both remembered a five year term at 14.99% . We both recall them going through the paperwork on the sales floor . However neither one of us recall actually seeing the numbers in the closing office

I remember them saying things like “”and this is what we discussed as far as you loan term “”& vague things. But again we never saw the numbers once we were off the sales floor . It was at that time that I went and hunted down our contract. Not only was the contract for 10 years

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