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My husband and I booked a vacation for 4 days 3 nights with Westgate resorts for June 23-26. We arrived at the River Terrace to check in.(Westgate has you to check in at a different place before coming to the resort) at 4:00 p.m we were then given a room key. The lady with West Gate said that they had overbooked by 40 people and were having to put them elsewhere. We drove up to our room and went in the door! There was 2 small beds in the room a little round table and a t.v hutch. The beds were nasty and you could see hair on top of the comforter. My daughter 15 went into the bathroom and there was pubic hair all over the toilet and the sink. The bathtub had hair around the drain and footprints in the tub. There was blinds on the wall that were not hiding a window but a concrete wall. When you walked out onto the terrace all you had a view of was the back of the building in front of you and the parking lot. There was dogfood and spilled liquids all over the floor. I called Westgate and pitched a fit. We were to be staying at a 5 star resort not a roach motel. The lady then went to tell me that they could put me in another motel that would be 159.00. After I already paid for this. I told her absolutely not. They messed it up and they would fix it! I went down to the front desk and told the girl down there that she was to do something that this was unacceptable and showed her pictures that we had taken. She made a few calls and was able to put us in a Comfort Inn. nWe drove to every Comfort Inn that was in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. We were then told that there was another Comfort Inn in Sevierville on 66. We drove out there and was checked in at 8:00. The room smelled like cat urine and the air didn’t work at all. There was a little juniors dance competition going on and all the compeditors was staying there so you could imagine the experience. nWe went on the 3rd day for the sales pitch. We were met by a loud rude talking guy that told my husband that he was a cradle robber and was flat out rude. When he realized that we were not buying he was sooooooooooooo rude. nWe will never stay at Westgate ever again. I do not recommend them to anyone! There was other people that were booked at that same roach motel that we were and there television would cut off every 20 minutes and they said that they were afraid to sleep in the bed bc of it being so dirty! nTeranRossville, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Gatlinburg Gatlinburg, Tennessee U.S.A.


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