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Complaint: The salesperson wrote up the sales receipt properly & did deduct a $500 rebate I was due. However the Financial Manager claimed that she had put the $500 rebate improperly on the paperwork. He redid it & in doing so actually ended up adding the $500 into the lease payment. I happen to be a Realtor & I work with numbers/loans all day long so I knew immediately what he had done. Although he completely lied to me he had the audacity to tell me that “the computer doesn’t lie””. Well the computer only computes what you put into it. I ended up canceling the entire order. The salesperson did a great job in saving the deal & I did end up getting the car for less than what I had already negotiated because I was willing to go elsewhere. But I would be wary of finance managers. You better know what the rate is & what the proper payment should be BEFORE you sit down with one. HE completely lied to me & even when I spelled out exactly what he had done he never would admit any wrong doing. I would have not only paid another $500 but the interest on it also for the length of the lease. Catherine Huntington

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Address: New YorkU.S.A.”


Phone: Jericho Tpke. Westbury, New York U.S.A.

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