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Complaint: I just want those who live in the Richmond area to be aware of West Broad Volkswagen on West Broad. I have met others who have stated poor business etiquette in dealing with this dealership. I unfortunately allowed them to diagnose my car when they were not even sure as to what the real problem was. I felt that the brakes on the car was spongy they in turn stated that it “may”” be the master cylinder. They in turn flushed and bleed my brake and system. I took the car off the lot and when I was on my way home all of a sudden my brakes went all the way to the floor. I contacted them to let them know what had happened. They in turn stated they would allow us to bring a master cylinder and charge a lower price for work. I found it strange that all of a sudden my brakes went after they serviced it. Someone in the family who owns a business did me the favor of looking at the car and found that the brake fluid in the car was not brake fluid but some type of oil. I had this checked and verified by a lab. I then had the work done by another company that had to replace the whole brake system and this cost me over $2

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Address: 000. Of course I went to court but their lawyer and the judge made it seem as if our family member put this fluid into the car. I realize my mistake I should not have taken the car directly to a dealer here in VA and not allowed my car to be touched by anyone else. The bottom line is their techs knew what they were doing and they wanted to make sure that they were going to do a $500 job plus by sabotaging my brake system. I have since purchased another VW from another VW dealer in VA and they have provided excellent service to me. I just want all to be aware and not make the same mistake as I did. If you suspect any faulty dealings eliminate the third person and have it done by another business. I helped them screw me out of my money but I do beleive that God is in control of all and eventually they will get theirs in the long run. Pamela Sandston

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