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My Husband… I thought lived by a high moral code. He was the pillar and the foundation of our family I have been with my husband over 20 years.. In November 2012 before Thanksgiving, I discovered he had an affair with a married co worker for over 4 years. I was playing with his cell phone and found many lovey dovey messages. It was the darkest day of my life and has forever changed me. He first denied it and even lied about the mistress’s identity, I found the email and contacted the mistress. She wrote to me and revealed herself to me. I went into a rage and attacked my husband. It eventually lead me to the mental hospital and I am on medication daily. He admitted to me he had oral sex with the co worker and did not use a condom. I was in rage, in pain on how he could risk my life and our family. I attacked him again. I received the email back from the mistress who was not remorseful, but had an ego about the affair. She was also a mother and married about the same age as me.I am baffled by the mistress my husband picked to use. You would think if a person is going to have a mistress it would be an upgrade to his wife. I found her pictures on social media. I was in shock to see a portly lady, pug nose, a pound of make-up and hair extensions. Her blood pressure out of control and has congestive heart failure. I prayed for this woman.. when my husband told me about her health, before the I knew about the affair. I could not believe my eyes. She is a ghetto bird from Prince Georges County Maryland. She was married an old man 10 years older. My husband began the affair when he was promoted and pulled in house with his company. He said they had an attraction to each other for a long time. He wanted her, it was easy so he did it. || I am not over this, and for now staying at home for my young children. It’s not a marriage anymore.

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