Wendy Shipley – Do whatever it takes to get your man, kind of HO! New York


Meet Wendy Robertson Shipley, as I am sure all the men up and down the east coast need no introduction to this woman. I have a 5 year old son with Tony. My son is dying of Leukemia, and Tony can not be reached, he has turned his back on our son, and I was with Tony before this little tramp, who uses his last name, but they are not legally married. I finally got her information and tried to reach out to Tony and she blocked me and ignored my calls and it means nothing to her that there is a child involved and Tony needs to be there for his son. I did get a call from him last February where he was in South Carolina and that is because this tramp transfers due to her job at the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. She keeps him in her wallet at all time, she even paid for, and I just found this out, his divorce in 2016 to yet another woman. Now she also had an affair when she was married to another man, but the men she sleeps with are all married and she uses the title from the VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. JUST BECAUSE YOU SERVED IN THE MILITARY DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE FREEDOM TO EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD.

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By Ronald

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