Wendy Robertson – Do whatever it takes to get your man. South Carolina


I have tried to post this a couple of times and somehow I have not been successful. This woman who makes a living working at the Veterans Administration actually is one that all women need to be cautious of since she goes to any man she feels that she is entitled to have. She has had so many men that the military should classify her as a friendly port. The man that she is with now she made sure that she employed any and all measures to make sure that it was not just her arms that she wrapped around him, according to a video that his wife made. I did not know that he was married and I had a son with him, and this woman made sure that not only nobody would get to him she blocked any communication to reach him. I needed to find out if he was a suitable donor for bone marrow transplant, and this sick woman who is a mother herself, blocked all calls. Sadly my son passed away Christmas day. He does not care about anyone because she keeps him in the money, he does not need anything she takes care of it all, and now she is having an affair with another guy, this is one that she works with everyday. She feels that since she was in the military during the war (which she was never sent) she is free to do what ever and WHOEVER SHE WANTS. How many times is she going to destroy a family all in the name of selfishness? This is what the VA is placing in charge of the care of some of the nations most respected people, and how many of them had she destroyed, with her inability to set a boundaries for herself. One of these days guys it is going to bite your things off, at this point she is the equivalent of a rental car, driven hard, pounded by many, and yet you still want to stick your key in it. I guess that shows what kind of men she has, then money must be so nice that they are willing to overlook that nasty thing.

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By Ronald

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