Wendy Marks – Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Missouri


I didn’t want to do this but my ex wife here still blames my new wife and I for how miserable she feels her life is, so I think its time to put her and her previous decisions out there to set the record a little straighter and possibly to get mine and my wifes names out of her mouth… Wendy Marks slept with my next door neighbor Brent Aaron Riggs of Batesville, Arkansas on two separate occasions in 2011, once while I was on 24 hour guard shift at my unit 2 miles away, then the second time on september 16 2011… the day after I left on a training mission with my unit… I divorced her in 2012 and still today she continues to blame my wife and I for her life, as it is now I’ve moved on with my life and have given her almost 3 years to get over it and move on as well, but still she continues blaming others instead of taking responsibility for her own actions… || So I wanted to put my side out there so maybe she will get over it or just shut her mouth… anyway, Wendy Marks loves vodka, pot, pills and of course sees a wedding band as a personal”challenge accepted” opportunity… she works now at the Circle K on Thomas rd in West Monroe, LA… be careful ladies, she will be your friend to your face but only needs enough time for you to go to Walmart to try to get in your bed with your husband (just ask Brent’s wife…or possibly ex-wife now).

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By Ronald

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